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Type of Materials & Frames

What is the Art printed on and is it fade resistant?

We have most of our art printed at a professional print house in the UK, using top quality papers and Inks.  Our Art is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper or on Kodak Metallic Paper that, combined with the Plexiglas that we use, gives excellent resistance to fading.

What are the choice of Frames I can buy?

Our Art can be purchased as print only or professionally presented in a choice of great frames that you can see on our site and choose when ordering. You can also request any of our pieces fitted into virtually any frame, just let us know what you want, and we’ll quote you a price. Each piece is mounted onto 3mm conservation board as this makes your art look it’s best and keep it in top condition (however, if you want the art unmounted, then please let us know).

What other finishes are available?

The prints are produced in a lustre finish that resists glare allowing you to see the beauty of the print more easily. The prints are cold bonded to a 3mm flat board with a conservation core meaning they will never crinkle and will always look their best. We also produce Art that is printed directly to metal of and also to Acrylic Panels.  Contact us for more details of these very special pieces.

If I really like the Art I have brought - can I get it in other ways? I would like to send smaller versions to my friends/customers as a gift.

If you buy a piece from us that you really love (we do of course hope that you’ll love all the work we do) then you will also have the option of buying a set of blank greeting cards to send to family and friends.

Can I order in a custom size or design?

As well as the Art work we offer we are also able to create “one off” pieces based around your own photographs.  If you have a favourite image that you want to have turned into a work of Art then please contact us for a chat. It may well cost you much less than you think.  We can also print up to nearky 10 foot by 6 foot - contact us if this is of interest

Can I buy any larger pieces from you, or anything super special?

We can produce extremely large finished Art – if you really want something that is a “Real Statement” or for a corporate office then you may be interested in an “Fine Art Pigment Print”, Under Acrylic Glass which is mounted onto an aluminium core, these are nearly 10 feet by 6 feet – they do have quite a high price tag, but are Unique one off certified pieces.   Please contact us to discuss this if it is of interest.  We also do direct to metal and Acrylic prints

What sort of Art do you have available?

Once we have a photograph selected to produce as an Art piece we have a huge range of effects and editing methods that we use to create the Art form that is finally produced.  Often these can resemble old masters such as Rembrandt or Turner or by using a combination of the different tools that we use it can end up being unlike anything you have ever seen before. 

Delivery and Shipping

How much is delivery and can I collect if I want to?

All of our Art pieces have delivery included in the cost.  You can of course also collect the Art from us (if you are local to Kettering in Northamptonshire).

How long will it take me to get the Art once I have brought it?

Where possible, we ship out to you the next working day, which normally takes 3-5 days to get to you, However on some of the larger or custom-made prints they will be shipped to you as soon as production is finished, and will always keep you informed on what the timescales and progress are.  If you need it by a certain date then please let us know. 

What happens if my Art is damaged while its being shipped?

We take great care in making certain that the art piece is well packed and arrives with you in perfect condition and it should arrive with you in the condition that we sent it.   In the very rare occasion when you might receive a piece damaged, we shall send out a replacement and arrange for the damaged one to be collected. We just need a photograph of the damaged artwork and the packaging so we can make a claim against the insurance. 

Who do you use for shipping?

We use a number of well-known couriers and the amount of time that the Art will take to arrive with you if you are in the UK is often 3 to 5 days. We always keep you informed with the tracking number so you can see when your Art will be with you. 

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship to any country in the world.  We quote shipping costs individually for this.  Please contact us for a quote. 

If we order one of the very large pieces - do you install them?

If you are ordering one of our larger corporate pieces, then we use fine art shippers and installers, based in London,  to get these pieces to you and installed and displayed in your home or office at a location of your choice. This service is included in the cost of the art. 

If I'm buying it as a gift – do you do gift wrapping and can it be posted straight to recipient with a gift card?

Our artwork makes a great gift, and if you buy it as a gift, then we gift wrap the artwork, can send it directly to the recipient, and includes a mounted gift card with your message which has the image you are giving on the card – really special.

Limited Editions

Is the Art a limited edition? How many of each size are there?

A lot of people ask us if our prints are limited editions. All of our Art has a limited print run which varies in quantity, depending upon what size the Art is, the A4 size is limited to 50 pieces, A3 is 30 pieces and the A2 is just 10 pieces.  Occasionally certain pieces will be released with an even smaller edition size – sign up to our email newsletter to be notified when these are released.  Collector club members have access to selected pieces that are very limited and only available to them.

Do you have unique pieces?

All of our large corporate works are totally unique, and are certified as a single edition of that work in that format.  It may well be that that is one of the images from our Standard Editions, but it will only ever exist in the size and format that you are getting with the corporate edition.

Do you get a certificate of Authenticity ?

All of our Art, in every size and edition, comes with an individual numbered certificate of authenticity, along with a card that details the story and details behind the Art.  All of the art is hand signed on the back of the mount board and has a individual issue number. 

Size of The Art

What sizes of Art do you do as standard?

The Art is produced at the standard ISO “A” size formats so they are A4 up to A2.   When we are producing our letterbox landscape prints, then these follow the ISO “A” sizing along the longest edge.  Each Art page has the dimensions of the piece shown on its main page. 

Can I buy a custom size?

Yes, we can print and produce to art up to some really large sizes - please contact us to discuss your exact needs and we can supply you with a quote.

Whats the Largest size you do?

Our corporate “Special Editions”  measure up to 5 meters by 2.4 meters and weigh about 135 Kilograms. Other sizes are available. We use professional fine art installers to install these at your desired location, once a survey has been done to ensure the suitability of the surface.

Whats the Outside Dimensions of the frames?

Our frames range from "Skinny" to "fairly wide".  The widest frame that we currently offer will add a total of xx cm the to width and height of the mounted Art. Details of each frame can be found on our frames page.

How heavy is the Art and frames?

The type of frame you choose will greatly affect the overall wieght of the Art.  Our mounted prints without frames wiegh the following - A4 = xx grams ,A3 = xx grams, A2 = xx grams.  The individual frame weights are detailed on the frame pages

Displaying my Art

Is the Art ready to hang on the wall when I receive it?

Our art comes with hanging fixtures, either attached to the back of the frame, in the case for aluminium frames. or a bag of separate fixings in the case of all other frames, as posting them with the fixings in place could damage the frame.

Are there any recommendations on where it should be hung?

One piece of advice is to try and hang the artwork away from direct sunlight as this will fade the picture over time.  Our Art is fade resistant, but direct sunlight will always fade a picture, no matter how well it is protected. 

Can I virtually see the Art in the room I want to display it in?

We will soon have a feature on our website that will allow you to take a photograph of the room that you want the artwork to be in and then display the artwork on the wall and see it in your actual room before ordering. / Our online viewing facility that allows you to take an image of your room and place the Art in the position that you want to place it in will help you to visualise the piece of art in the room and location where you are going to hang it. 


Is the Art clearly priced?

All of our Art is clearly priced and we offer a wide range of sizes and options so that you can choose what will suit your budget best. 

Will the Art become an investment?

All of our prints are limited editions, so they may well increase in value over time, who knows?

Can I get discounts for multiple purchases?

We offer a discount for multiple purchases especially if you are looking to buy large quantities for corporate use in multiple offices or a hotel for instance, please contact us if you’d like to discuss a discount for multiple purchases. 


Do you offer a money back Guarantee?

We want you to be delighted with your Art when you receive it.  To this end, we offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not happy.  Just let us know within 14 days if you’re not completely happy and we’ll do all we can to rectify any issues you may have, if you want a refund then we’ll arrange for a collection of the art and a refund.

Is there anyway I can get a sample of the print before I buy?

When viewing Art online there is always going to be some variance in colours. This is due to the fact that your monitor may not always be calibrated.  If you would like a small sample of the Art then we can arrange this, there is a small charge for this which is taken off the cost, once you buy the Art

Are you an establised company I can trust?

PJB ART is a subsidiary of PJB Photography Ltd who is an established company that has been running for over 15 years and has a large number of loyal satisfied customers, so you can trust us to deliver quality Art that you’ll love.  We have many testimonials for them both on social media and our websites, just search for PJB Photography Ltd or PJB ART. 

Story and Details

When I buy a piece of Art, do I get the details of the Art, the story behind it and how it was taken?

All of our Art comes with an individually numbered “Certificate of Authenticity” that matches the number on the rear on the print and also includes a card that has all the details of the story behind the photo that was the basis for the Art.  That includes the camera, the settings used and the lens etc.

Collectors Club

Am I able to get a loyalty bonus or hear about the new art or get special pieces?

We have a Collectors club where you can get free Art. You collect loyalty points every time you buy a print.  These can be then used as discounts against the Art.  Collectors club members will also have access to unique “super limited edition” pieces, that will not be offered to non-collector club members.

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